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Paralysis Injury Claims

Paralysis is a serious injury which can be characterised by loss of function of the muscles for one or more than one muscle groups.   It mainly occurs due to stroke, nerve disease or as a result of a trauma to the spinal cord.  Paralysis can involve total or partial loss of sensation in the affected area of the body.  The level of paralysis mostly depends on the area where the nerve has been damaged.  For example, if the nerves in the neck are damaged, then the body below the neck can be damaged.  This form of paralysis is known as quadriplegia.  However, if injury has been caused to the spinal cord and lower back, then the torso and the legs may be affected.  This condition is known as paraplegia.  Nerve damage can also be sustained in the shoulders such as when giving birth to a child.  If the shoulder is affected, it can result in total or partial paralysis of the arm.  This is known as brachial plexus injury.

Whether it is total or partial paralysis, the effects can be life changing.  In addition, the medical costs associated with the injury can be extremely high too.  Victims of paraplegia and quadriplegia may require life long medical treatment, care and attention.  Therefore, it is essential that you consider bringing a claim if your paralysis injury was caused due to someone else’s negligence.  The compensation that you obtain by making a claim can help you cover the costs of lifetime care along with all the financial losses that you have suffered following your injury.  It will also help you recover compensation for loss of earnings that you suffered as a result of taking time off work or not being able to return to work altogether.

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Paralysis can be caused due to road accidents, workplace accidents, criminal assaults, sports accidents, falls from heights and as a result of contracting certain autoimmune diseases.

If negligence on the part of someone else has led to your condition, we advise you to consult our solicitors and find out if you are entitled to recover compensation.

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