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Child Sports Injury Claims

Sports accidents at school are quite common, especially when taking part in contact sports such as football and rugby.  There are many different kinds of injuries which can be sustained as a result of getting involved in sports accidents.  Some of these injuries include dislocations, fractures, broken bones and sprains and strains.

If your child has been injured whilst playing sports due to no fault, it is essential that you consider bringing a compensation claim.  But, before you start a claim against the school, you must consider how exactly the accident took place.  If an injury to your child occurred within the laws of the game, then it is not possible to blame anyone for the injury.  However, if the injury occurred outside the laws of the game, then it may be possible to make a claim.  For example, if your child was playing rugby and suffered a neck injury as a result of a spear tackle, you may be able to seek financial compensation.

It is important that when children participate in sports activities in schools, they are well supervised by their teachers.  Although injuries during contact sports are inevitable, teachers still have a duty to supervise children, provide the necessary training and warn children of the potential risks. Whilst providing supervision, the teacher is responsible for ensuring the safety of the children.

You must also consider the age of the child when the injury was sustained.  Generally, younger children are more susceptible to injuries and the younger the child is, the more care must be given to them by the teachers.  You will be in a strong position to put up a child sports injury claim if your child was at a younger age when the accident took place.

A child can get injured whilst participating in sports in many ways.  Here are some examples of sports injuries which can give rise to child sports injury claims.

  • Slips and trips on the sports ground
  • Injuries caused by defective play equipment such as climbing frames
  • Injuries sustained whilst taking part in competitive sports

Making A Claim

If your child has suffered any kind of sports injury, we can help you bring a claim for compensation.

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