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School Accident Claims

Schools have a duty to ensure the safety of their students.  Depending on the age of the child, they must provide adequate level of care and supervision.  Basically, a younger child will require more care and supervision than an older child.

Schools also have a duty to maintain playgrounds, walkways, play equipment and buildings to protect children from harm.  If they fail in their duty of care and if a child sustains injuries due to their negligence, a compensation claim against the school may be possible.

Accidents in schools can take place under numerous circumstances.  Given below are some examples of school accidents which can give rise to compensation claims.

  • Slips and trips on walkways
  • Accidents caused by defective play equipment
  • Sports accidents such as whilst playing contact sports
  • Inadequate supervision by teachers leading to accidents

Sometimes, it can be difficult to prove fault.  This is because when child accidents take place, there hardly are any adults to witness the accident.  The only witness could be the person who is responsible for the accident.  For example, if an accident takes place as a result of using defective play equipment, then the witness will be the teacher who was supposed to supervise the children.  In such cases, it is essential to seek legal help and discuss your case with an experienced child injury solicitor.

Duty Of Care

Every school owes a duty of care to their staff, visitors and students.  They must take reasonable steps to prevent accidents from taking place. They must take the steps necessary to protect children from injuries.  Whether it is sporting activities, classroom activities or excursion trips, schools have a duty to ensure the safety of children.

Adequate supervision and instructions must be provided to the students so that they do not get involved in accidents.  Schools must also provide suitable and safe equipment.  Risk assessments must be carried out to identify potential hazards and reasonable measures must be taken to minimise the risks.

Starting A Claim

It is advisable that you speak to a solicitor if your child has been hurt in a school accident.

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