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Anthrax Claims

Anthrax is a naturally occurring bacterium which can affect animals as well as humans.  However, the bacterium responsible for causing the infection is called Bacillus anthrax.  The bacterium is white and powdery in appearance.  Although it can be treated with antibiotics, there are some forms of the disease which can be lethal.

The bacteria are mostly present in animals such as cattle and sheep.  Humans can contract the disease by coming into contact with affected animals. People who are infected with anthrax may experience a number of symptoms.  Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Severe stomach pain
  • Itchy feeling
  • Breathing problems

Strange marks may also appear on the victim’s skin.  The symptoms of the disease can be experienced within a week of being exposed to anthrax.

There are three main types of anthrax which include the following:

–          Cutaneous – common type of the disease which can result after the bacteria enters the skin through a cut or graze.

–          Inhalation – can be caused when anthrax spores are inhaled into the body.

–          Gastrointestinal – this form of the disease is the most serious as it can be fatal and it can be caused as a result of consuming infected meat.

An anthrax claim for compensation can be made if you have been infected with anthrax whilst at work.

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