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Bladder Cancer Claims

Have you developed bladder cancer as a result of being exposed to hazardous substances at work?  If yes, you may be able to make bladder cancer claims.

There are numerous causes of bladder cancer, but in the workplace, it can be caused by being exposed to certain chemicals such as those which are used to manufacture plastic, rubber, petroleum and dyes.  There are a number of industries where workers are at an increased risk of developing this condition.  These industries include tyre manufacturing, printing, chemical processing, chemical manufacturing, leather treating plants and gasworks.

Smoking even if it is passive smoking increases the risk of developing this disease.  A person who smokes and is exposed to harmful chemicals at work is four times more likely to develop the disease than people who don’t smoke.

Bladder cancer can be caused when carcinogenic chemicals are inhaled in the form of gaseous particles or spray, ingested or swallowed.  Although the chemicals are filtered by the kidneys, they end up in the bladder and cause a tumour to develop.

If you have developed bladder cancer and if you have been exposed to hazardous chemicals at work, we can help you make bladder cancer claims.

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