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Byssinosis Claims

Byssinosis which is also known as Brown Lung has symptoms similar to asthma.  It is a disease which can be caused by inhaling dusts from certain vegetable fibres including cotton, sisal, hemp and flax.  If the workplace does not have proper ventilation, it is possible to develop this disease.

If you have developed Byssinosis at work due to unsafe work practices, you may be entitled to make Byssinosis claims.

Some of the common symptoms of Byssinosis include chest tightness, coughing, wheezing and breathing difficulties.  Prolonged exposure to vegetable dusts can result in the narrowing of the trachea, respiratory failure, lung scarring and even death.

Byssinosis is a preventable disease and it can be prevented if adequate measures are taken at the workplace.  For example, it can be prevented by improving ventilation and machinery at work.  In addition, it can be prevented if textile workers and those who come into contact with dusts from vegetable fibres are provided with proper personal protective equipment.

Starting a Claim

A Byssinosis claim can be made if it can be established that your respiratory disorder was caused as a result of your working condition.  Therefore, it is essential to visit a G.P or hospital and establish a relationship between the symptoms you are experiencing and possible exposure.

Once you have obtained enough medical evidence, you must get in touch with expert solicitors for legal advice regarding your case.

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