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Welding Rods Fumes Claims

The particle emissions and harmful fumes produced by welding rods can cause a range of injuries and illnesses, especially if the exposure is over a prolonged period of time.  There are numerous types of dangers presented by welding rod fumes.  Basically, the type of danger presented depends on the type of metals used, the welding process, quality of ventilation and type of coating on the metal.  For example, if the metal is coated with lead paint, it can cause lead poisoning. Welding without having adequate ventilation can have lethal effects.

Welding rod fumes can harm the human body in many ways.  But, the respiratory system is mainly affected as a result of being exposed to the harmful fumes.

Some of the other injuries and illnesses which can occur as a result of the exposure include the following:

Chronic Bronchitis – carrying out welding work in a space that is not adequately ventilated can cause this disease.

Occupational asthma – mainly affects welders who work with stainless steel.

Metal fume fever – if chemicals such as magnesium oxide or zinc oxide are produced, it can cause flu like illnesses.

Welder’s Lung – this disease can occur if iron particles are inhaled into the lungs.

Long term exposure to the harmful fumes can also increase the risk of lung cancer.  If you have suffered an illness or injury as a result of welding rod fumes at work, you may be able to make welding rod fumes claims.

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