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Breast Reduction Claims

Breast reduction is a medical procedure which requires making a number of incisions and removing excess fat, tissues and skin from the breasts.  The aim of a breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of large breasts.

These days, women undergo breast reduction procedures for various reasons.  In most cases, women who opt for breast reduction are satisfied with the results, but at times the results are not as satisfactory as it is supposed to be.

When things go wrong during such procedures, the effects can be devastating for the patient. Patients can suffer bleeding and bruising if cosmetic surgeons do not carry out the procedure in a proper manner.

Surgeries and operations carry with them a certain level of risk, but when patients undergo unnecessary pain and suffering, they may be entitled to claim financial compensation.

There are many other complications which patients may be left with as a result of clinical negligence during breast reduction surgeries.  Some of the common issues which can give rise to breast reduction claims include:

  • Unanticipated scarring
  • Haematoma
  • Asymmetric breasts
  • Nerve damage
  • Disfigurement
  • Infections

Making A Claim

If you have undergone breast reduction and if something has gone wrong during the procedure, we can help you recover compensation.

Our solicitors are experts in handling medical negligence cases and we can also help you recover the rightful compensation.

Feel free to discuss your breast reduction case with a member of our team today.  To speak to one of our solicitors, call us on our free telephone number.

You can also fill in our quick online claim form and request a call back.


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