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Rhinoplasty Claims

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose jobs has become an extremely popular cosmetic surgery procedure over the years.  Thousands of women in the UK undergo this procedure every year to restore the function of their nose, to construct or correct the form of the nose or for general aesthetic reasons.  Surgery can be internal or external.  If, it is internal, it reduces or rather eliminates the risks of external scarring.

Rhinoplasty involves the surgeon making incisions into the nostrils so that the cartilage and the bone can be reached.  Depending on the requirement of the patient, the bone or the cartilage may be rearranged or removed to change the shape of the nose.  When this is done, the skin around the nose area is allowed to shrink to fit the new shape.  However, there are times when incisions may be made in the skin between the nostrils so that the nostrils become smaller.

Augmentation rhinoplasty is the procedure used to make the nose bigger.  This involves changing the shape of the nose or making incisions between the nostrils to reshape the cartilage or the bone.  Once again, depending on the requirement, extra cartilage or bone may be grafted in to build the shape of the nose.  If a cartilage or bone is grafted, then additional cartilage or bone is removed from other parts of the body such as the cheeks.  Artificial implants are also used in some cases.

Associated Risks

There are a number of risks associated with rhinoplasty.  These include the following:

  • Adverse reaction to anaesthetic
  • Risk of infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Soreness, bruising and swelling
  • Tip of the nose becoming numb or stiff
  • Chest infections
  • Hanging or retracted columella
  • Decreased sense of smell

If you have suffered physical problems and other losses as a result of undergoing rhinoplasty, you may be able to make rhinoplasty claims.

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