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Failed Sterilisation Claims

Sterilisation is a procedure which involves cutting of the fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from making their way into the womb.  These days, thousands of women opt for this procedure in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

However, there are times when the sterilisation procedure can fail.  This can be due to many reasons.  It can occur due to recanalisation which involves regrowth of the fallopian tube and it can also occur due to medical negligence.

If a medical professional has acted negligently and if you have suffered as a result of a failed sterilisation, you may be able to make failed sterlisation claims.

The news of an unwanted pregnancy can be devastating for a woman as it can result in a great deal of emotional distress.  Therefore, any woman who has been a victim of a failed sterilisation has the rights to claim financial compensation.

Making A Claim

Claiming for compensation following a failed sterilisation can be quite complicated and therefore it is essential to retain the services of an experienced medical negligence solicitor.

At, our solicitors have a proven track record in helping victims like you secure substantial compensation for your pain and suffering.

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