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Misdiagnosed Skin Cancer Claims

Although cancer services have vastly improved in the UK than it used to be 20 years ago, there are still occasions when misdiagnosis of cancer occurs.  If you have suffered as a result of a misdiagnosed skin cancer, you may be entitled to claim financial compensation.

There are two types of cancer which an individual can be affected with.  The first type is known as non-melanoma and the second type is known as malignant melanoma.  Both of these can be caused by being excessively exposed to the sun, sunlamps and sunbeds.

There are a range of symptoms that an individual who has developed skin cancer may experience.  These include changes to the skin in the form of discoloured patches, moles and raised bumps.  In order to receive the right treatment, it is essential that the get the condition diagnosed as early as possible.  Early detection could help treat the cancer and the longer it is present, the worse the outcome may be for the patient.

Medical negligence claims involving skin cancer can stem from one of the following:

Failed diagnosis – can occur if the medical professional misinterprets your symptoms or your test results.

Delayed diagnosis – can occur as a result of delayed referrals to specialists, failure to act on test results and delays in conducting a biopsy.

Misdiagnosis – can occur if a person has been diagnosed with skin cancer when in reality the person is not suffering from the condition.  Or, it can occur if a person has been told that he does not suffer from the disease when in reality he does.

Making A Claim

Were you told that you had a common mole, but found out later on that you were suffering from skin cancer?  If you have suffered from skin cancer misdiagnosis, we can help you bring a claim for compensation.

Going up against large NHS facilities or medical centres is not an easy undertaking.  Therefore, you will need highly experienced solicitors to take up the challenger and represent your case.

Our solicitors approach all types of medical negligence cases from a comprehensive view to be able to uncover the truth behind the delayed treatment.  We will work hard on your case and help you prove that it was a medical professional’s fault which lead to misdiagnosis of your condition and delayed treatment.

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If you have been a victim of skin can misdiagnosis, we can help you recover the compensation to which you are entitled.

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