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Surgical Error Claims

If you have suffered a personal injury due to a surgical error, you may be eligible to seek compensation through a surgical error claim.  At, we have experienced personal injury lawyers who are also experts in this field.  Our personal injury lawyers have a wealth of experience dealing with surgical error claims and helping people get the maximum compensation for their losses.

Undergoing a surgery can be a very stressful experience and it can be even worse if something goes wrong with the procedure.  In the UK, surgeries are carried out to a very high standard, but there are some cases, where errors do happen.  Surgeries do carry with them a certain level of risk and this is the reason not all cases where something goes wrong can be termed as surgical negligence.

If there are risks associated with the surgery, it is the duty of the medical professionals to explain the risk in detail to the patients.  This helps patients know what the complications may be and what kind of side effects they may experience post surgery.  In such cases where negligence is not the cause of complications following a surgical procedure, patients will not be eligible to make a surgical error claim.  Patients will only be eligible for compensation if side effects and complications result due to the negligence of the surgeon.

Types of Surgical Errors

Some of the common types of surgical errors that can lead to making surgical error claims include:

  • surgeries carried out on the wrong part of the body
  • incorrect surgical procedure
  • accidental perforation of organs
  • foreign materials such as surgical equipment or swabs left inside the body
  • surgical injuries caused to blood vessels, tissues and nerves
  • failed vasectomy or sterilisation
  • injuries caused due to incorrectly set equipment
  • errors with anaesthesia
  • excessive scarring
  • infections due to use of contaminated surgical equipment

Making A Surgical Error Claim

In order to make a surgical error claim, it is important for you to prove that there has been surgical negligence on the part of the surgeon involved which has caused you injuries.  You must be able to prove that no responsible surgeon would have taken the same steps and there would not have been complications if surgery was carried out to a high standard.

If you were unfortunate enough to suffer injuries due to surgical errors, you may be eligible to make a surgical error claim.  To discuss your surgical error claim, you can give us a call on our free telephone line or complete our online claims form.   Our friendly, experienced and professional personal injury claims lawyers are ready to take your claim and help you obtain the maximum compensation possible.

When you choose us to represent your surgical error claim, you are at no financial risk because you don’t have to finance your claim in any respect.  Our expert lawyers work on a No Win No Fee basis and will ensure that you receive 100% compensation without any deductions.

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