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Undiagnosed Fracture Claims

Do you have a medical negligence claim stemming from undiagnosed fractures?  If yes, you may be eligible to make undiagnosed fracture claims.

Bone fractures can be a painful and an unpleasant experience.  It is quite a common injury which most people visit the accident and emergency department for.  Bone fractures are easy to diagnose and rectify, but sometimes mistakes made during diagnosis can cause long term problems for the patient.

A fracture can go undiagnosed due to many reasons.  Some of the common ones which can give rise to undiagnosed fracture claims include:

  • Doctor is inexperienced and failed to identify the real problem
  • The fracture was difficult to see on the X-ray
  • The X-ray report was interpreted wrongly

There are many other reasons a fracture can be missed, but not all reasons can give rise to medical negligence claims.

To be able to make a successful claim, you will need to prove that the medical professional had failed to act reasonably.  You have to prove that the doctor did not assess the injury properly which resulted in the fracture to go undiagnosed.  As a result of all this, you suffered unnecessary pain, further injury and received delayed treatment.

If a mistake has been made, but if it is discovered before any damage is done, then in such cases, a compensation claim may not be possible.

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