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Military Accident Claims

Since 1987, it has become possible for the members of the Armed Forces to seek financial compensation if they have suffered injuries in no fault accidents.  Members of the Armed Forces have the same employment rights as workers in any other industry or workplace and therefore, they can claim financial compensation from their employer if they have been injured.

The Ministry of Defence just like any other employer has a duty to ensure the safety of its workers.  It is essential that they take measures to prevent accidents from taking place.  If the Ministry of Defence fails in its duty, then military personnel may be entitled to make military accident claims.

However, under the Crown Proceedings Act, a claim cannot be made if an injury was sustained prior to May 1987.

Military accidents can take place under numerous circumstances.  Members of the armed forces are usually exposed to dangerous situations and environments, but it is very much possible to avoid injuries and accidents if adequate safety measures are taken.

Given below are examples of situations which can give rise to military accidents and hence compensation claims.

  • Injuries caused by defective work equipment
  • Road accidents
  • Injuries caused during training
  • Helicopter and aircraft crashes
  • Injuries resulting from explosives and weapons
  • Fires
  • Fault with military vehicles
  • Inadequate medical treatment resulting from medical negligence
  • Chemical accidents
  • Injuries caused during military combat
  • Injuries caused during sports

When servicemen get injured, they often have to take time off work to recover from their injuries which means that in addition to pain and suffering, they also have to suffer loss of earnings.  In cases where a serviceman has sustained injuries due to no fault, it is possible to recover compensation for the injuries, pain, suffering, lost wages and other financial losses.

When injuries take place during military combat, members of the Armed Forces also develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders which can cause panic attacks, flashbacks, depression, nightmares, etc.  If someone has developed PTSD whilst serving in the armed forces, it is possible to claim compensation for psychological injuries.

Making A Claim

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