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Cold Injury Claims

Non-freezing cold injury which is also known as Cold Weather Injury and Trench Foot is a common form of injury suffered by military personnel.  It mainly affects the hands and feet and occurs whilst on exercise.  In fact, it is a serious problem which affects the members of the armed forces even though there have been advances in clothing technology.

Non freezing cold injury is suffered when a person has been in a wet or cold environment for a long period of time.  Swelling, paleness, redness and pain are often experienced when a person suffers from non freezing cold injury.

In some cases, the effects of the injury last for months.  But, in the worst cases, the results are permanent and the military personnel is left with no choice but to opt for a career change.

Once a person develops non freezing cold injury, he becomes sensitive to cold.  Smokers are at an increased risk of developing the condition.

The Ministry of Defence has a responsibility to ensure that members of the armed forces are protected from all kinds of injuries and illnesses including those that can be caused due to weather conditions.  Through a chain of commands, they are responsible for assessing the weather conditions providing suitable protective clothing such as socks, gloves and boots to the military personnel.  In addition to all this, they must carry out foot inspections on a regular basis for signs of non freezing cold injuries.  Sometimes, this does not happen due to negligence and military personnel end of suffering from weather-related injuries and illnesses.

If you are employed by the MOD and have suffered non freezing cold injury due to working in wet or cold weather conditions, you may be able to make a non freezing cold injury claim.

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