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Types Of Criminal Injury Claims

Were you unfortunate to be a victim of a criminal assault or attack?  If yes, you may be able to make criminal injury claims.

Criminal injury claims are normally classified after a careful study on the facts of the case/ accident that you were involved in.  Your case could be classified under criminal injury claim if:

  1. You are involved in an accident while trying to save a situation e.g. a police officer getting shot while trying to save hostages.
  2. Helping people out of a building set on fire through arson. If you get injured in the process, chances are that your case might be classified under criminal injury claim.
  3.  ‘exceptional risk’- putting your safety on the line when trying to stop a criminal act from occurring.

Criminal injury caused by animals

There are also instances where you could get involved in accidents if animals attack you. The animals should be considered as other people’s responsibility. Most of the cases in this category are normally caused by hounds. You can claim for compensation if:

  • The owner of the dog instructs the dog to bite you.
  • The owner fails to take actions on dangerous dogs that had hurt other people, and in the process injures you.

Criminal injury caused by a vehicle

Injuries are also likely to be inflicted on you if you are involved in an accident with a driver that was using his car as a weapon. This would be classified under criminal injury.

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