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Lift And Escalator Accident Claims

Lifts and escalators are utilised in many workplaces and public places to enable easy access to the different floors.  Lifts and escalators can be found in shopping centres, airports, supermarkets, cinemas, car parks and train stations as well.

Although such things bring comfort and convenience, they can also pose risk of injury.  Landlords and owners of commercial and residential properties have a legal obligation to inspect lifts, escalators and other moving walkways for potential issues and take steps to minimise the risks involved.  They must look for ways to solve the problems and also provide notice of the dangers involved in using them.

Similarly, the owners of public facilities such as shops, libraries, leisure centres, restaurants and educational establishments must keep their premises safe for the public and ensure facilities such as lifts and escalators are maintained in good condition.  If they fail to adhere to health and safety rules, the consequences of accidents taking place can be very severe.

Hundreds of people sustain injuries in lifts and escalators every year.  In most cases, injuries result because risks have not been managed and addressed properly.

If you have been injured whilst on an escalator or a lift, a claim may be possible against the occupier, owner or landlord of the premises.   Accidents taking place in lifts and escalators are fortunately minor in most cases.  However, some people do suffer serious injuries and long term effects of the injury.  Permanent disabilities and fatality can also result due to an accident on a lift or an escalator.

Causes of Injuries

Injuries can occur due to many reasons.  However some of the main causes of accidents and injuries on a lift or an escalator include:

  • The elevator dropping suddenly causing a fall accident
  • Person getting trapped due to safety mechanism in the elevator doors failing to release
  • The elevator not leveling correctly causing a trip accident when entering or exiting
  • Falls accident resulting from the escalator stopping abruptly
  • Gap on the side, bottom or top of the escalator grabbing clothing or a shoe

Compensation Claim

Lift and escalator accident claims can be made if you have been injured whilst on a lift or an escalator.

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