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Pavement Accident Claim

Involved in an accident on a public pavement and sustained personal injuries? If yes, you may be eligible to seek compensation through a pavement injury claim.  In order to seek compensation for your injuries due to an accident on a public pavement, you must be able to prove that the pavement was defective so you can hold the local authority or the council responsible for the accident.

What to Do Following A Pavement Accident?

If you have been involved in a pavement accident, the first thing you must do is report the accident to the local authority, council or person responsible for the maintenance of the pavement.  If possible, try to get the details of the accident noted in an accident book.  If there were witnesses around at the time of the accident, get their names and contact information so they can testify that the accident occurred due to no fault of your own.  Photographs of the cause of the accident can help you make a successful pavement accident claim especially if it was a defective pavement.  Other things that you must do include measuring the defect in the pavement and getting medical attention.

Defects in the pavement can be a result of wear and tear as well as left over from companies who perform ground works.  Common types of pavement defects include raised paving slabs and potholes.  If you have tripped over a raised paving slab or on a pothole, then you must make sure that you measure the depth or extent of the defect with a ruler to be able to make a successful pavement accident claim.

Tripping on defective pavements can cause injuries which include broken bones, sprains, bruises and concussion.  These injuries can cause pain, discomfort and in worst cases it can even restrict your ability to work for a significant period of time.  When this happens, you may also have to suffer financial losses as a result of lost income.  This is the reason, it is important that you make a pavement accident claim so you can make up for your losses and suffering.

No win No Fee Pavement Accident Claim

In order to make a pavement accident claim, it is important that you seek legal advice from expert personal injury claims solicitors.  At, we have experienced personal injury claims solicitors who work under a No Win No Fee policy.  Under this policy, we do not charge our clients anything whether they win or lose their pavement accident claim.  This means that if you win the claim, you take 100% compensation and if you lose the claim, you don’t pay us anything.

Right from consultation we provide free service to our clients without any obligation.  If you are looking to make a pavement accident claim, give us a call on our free telephone line today so we can give you the best legal advice needed to start a pavement accident claim.  Alternatively, you can also complete our online claim form so we can contact you for a free consultation with our specialist personal injury claims solicitors.

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