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Public Highway Claims

Highway authorities have a duty to maintain every passage or way over which members of the public have access to.  A highway can include roads, public paths, footpaths, driftways and bridleways.

It is their duty to keep the highway in such a condition so that members of the public can pass over it without any kind of danger.  If you have been injured on a public highway, you may be able to seek financial compensation.

However, to be able to make a claim, it must be established that the part of the highway where you sustained injuries was dangerous.  Basically, it must be established that it was dangerous due to the failure of the authority to maintain it in a good condition.

Types of Claims

Slips and trips are the most common types of accidents which can give rise to public highway claims.  Such accidents can occur due to potholes and uneven paving slabs.  Slips and trips on public highways can cause serious injuries such as fractures, broken hands, broken ankles, etc.  Therefore, it is essential to seek legal advice if you have been hurt on a public highway.

Making A Claim

Putting up a claim against the highway authority or local council for your slips, trips and falls is not easy.  This is because these bodies have legal defence against such claims.  If they are able to prove that they have a record of inspection and a satisfactory system in place, then it may not be possible for you to win compensation.

Therefore, to be able to make a successful claim, it is essential to prove that the highway authority or the local council was at fault. You must be able to gather enough evidence to support your claim.  If your injury was caused as a result of a defect, you must be able to prove that their record of inspection is inaccurate.  You can have good chances of success if people have previously complained about the defect and action has not been taken to repair it.

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