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Slip on Ice Claims

Have you suffered injuries as a result of a slip on ice accident?  If yes, you may be eligible to pursue a slip on ice claim to be able to seek compensation.  During the winter months, ice covers pavements, roads and public places such as car parks and there are possibilities for accidents to take place.  If you were unfortunate enough to sustain injuries following an ice slip accident, we can help you make a successful claim. At, our expert solicitors have years of experience dealing with personal injury compensation claims.  So, if you are looking to pursue a slip on ice claim, it just takes a phone call.

Although slip on ice accidents often cause minor injuries, there are times when these accidents can cause serious injuries and disabilities.  People can sustain injuries including:

  • broken bones
  • laceration
  • concussions
  • head injuries
  • brain injuries
  • fatalities

Making A Successful Ice Slip Claim

To be able to pursue a slip on ice claim, you need to prove that someone else is to be blamed for your injuries.  In most cases, it is difficult to hold someone else responsible because slip on ice accidents occur due to adverse weather conditions and is beyond people’s control.  However, since bad weather conditions especially during winter pose risks of hazards and accidents, care must be taken in order to minimise these risks.  For example, if ice forms on pavements and roads, it is the council’s responsibility to clear the area.  However, if ice forms near entrances and car parks of the workplace, it is the employer who is responsible to get the area cleared of ice.

A slip on ice claim can be made against the employer if you have suffered injuries due to a slip on ice accident at the workplace.  Similarly, you can also pursue a slip on ice claim against the local council if you have suffered injuries on a public pavement or the road which the council is responsible for maintaining.

No Win No Fee Slip On Ice Claim

If you believe you have a valid slip on ice claim, we can handle your claim under our No Win No Fee policy.  This means that you will not be liable to bear any costs associated with your claim because we will handle your claim free of cost.  If your claim is successful, you will receive 100% compensation and if your claim is unsuccessful, you still don’t pay us anything.

For a free consultation, you can give us a call on our free phone line or simply complete our online claim form.  Our expert personal injury solicitors will be happy to provide you with 100% free legal advice with no obligation to pursue a claim.  However, if you decide to choose us to handle your claim, we will take expert care of everything while ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

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