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Supermarket Accident Claims

Had an accident in a supermarket due to no fault of your own and sustained personal injuries?  If you have, then you may be entitled for compensation through a supermarket accident claim.  In order to find out if you are eligible for compensation, you must contact an experienced personal injury claims solicitor who specialises in supermarket accident claims.  With the help of an expert solicitor, you will be able to make a supermarket accident claim under a No Win No Fee agreement.

Supermarkets, shops and every shopping center have a duty of care to ensure the safety of people while they are on the premises.  This means that if you trip over an obstacle or slip on a wet floor, you may be eligible to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim for the injuries that you have sustained.

Things You Must Do Following A Supermarket Accident

If you got injured in a supermarket accident, the first thing that you must do is report the accident to the manager of the shop.  You must ensure that you have also filled out the accident report form or the details of the accident are recorded in the accident log book.   Photographs of the cause of accident would also help you make a successful supermarket accident claim.  If possible, try to get the contact details of witnesses of the accident so you stand a better chance of winning your supermarket accident claim.

Start A Supermarket Accident Claim

At, we have expert personal injury claims solicitors who represent clients across UK.  If you have sustained injuries in a supermarket accident which was not your fault, you can speak to one of our expert solicitors who will be able to help you make a claim.   Supermarket accident claims is one of the common types of personal injury claims that we deal with.  Our penal of personal injury claims solicitors have extensive experience dealing with compensation claims and we endeavor to recover the maximum compensation possible for our clients.

Supermarket accidents occur in various ways.  Bad cleaning policies and under-staffed shop floors can put consumers at risk of injury and this is the reason any person who has been a victim of an accident in a supermarket can claim for compensation.

Our service is totally cost free as well as risk free and we guarantee that there will never be any fees, any catches or deductions whether you win or lose your supermarket accident claim.  Together with this, you will also receive 100% compensation without any deductions from the compensation amount.   So, if you are looking to make a supermarket accident claim, we are here to help you.  You can call us now on our free telephone number or fill out our online claim form so we can assess your claim.

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