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Supermarket Trolley Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a supermarket accident that was caused by a trolley, you may be able to make a supermarket trolley accident claim.

It is your legal right to obtain compensation for an accident you have been involved in that was caused due to the negligent act of the supermarket staff or owner.  However, it can be quite hard to establish negligence without seeking expert legal advice.

Our solicitors can help you with all types of supermarket accident claims.  We can help you win the maximum compensation possible for your injuries that was caused as a result of a supermarket trolley accident.  When you get in touch with our solicitors, we will provide the best legal advice on how you can take your claim further.  We will also help you collect vital evidence to support your claim.

The nature of the hazard and how you suffered an injury will be factors in determining whether you are entitled to make a claim.  Supermarket trolley accidents can be caused in a variety of ways and under numerous circumstances.  They can be caused if the surface was wet and you slipped and hit a trolley which resulted in injuries to you.  It can also be caused due to defective trolleys.  A trolley which obstructed the walkway can also result in trips and falls accidents and injuries to the shoppers.

If it was the failure of the supermarket to address the hazard, you may be able to make a claim if you have been injured.

Making A Claim

Our solicitors have the experience to handle all types of supermarket accident claims.  if you have been injured in a trolley accident, we advise you to contact our solicitors for a free discussion of your case.

Our solicitors can provide free legal advice and help you with your case on a risk free no win no fee basis. We will also ensure that you obtain maximum compensation for your damages.

To contact us, feel free to use our quick online enquiry form or simply give us a call on our free phone.

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