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Types Of Supermarket Accidents

Have you been involved in a supermarket accident in the past three years?  if yes, you may be able to make supermarket accident claims.

Supermarket accidents mainly lead to nothing more than minor injuries such as sprains and strains.  However, some accidents can also cause broken bones of the hips, legs and arms.  Although it is quite rare, but some falls accidents can also lead to traumatic brain injuries, concussions and spinal cord damage.  Extremely serious injuries can also result in death.

Supermarket accidents can take place due to a variety of reasons.  Here’s a look at some of the main causes of supermarket accidents.

Slips – supermarket slips can be caused by spillages, leaks from freezers and refrigerators, inadequate cleaning procedures, etc.

Trips – supermarket trips can occur due to defective flooring, tripping hazards such as packaging material left on the floor, worn out carpets, etc.

Falling objects – displays and unsecured signs can fall and injure shoppers below.

Automatic doors – it is essential that automatic doors in supermarkets are fitted with safety sensors so that they do not close when there is an obstruction.

Lift and escalators – if these are not in good condition or in safe working order, they can result in accidents and injuries to shoppers.

Faulty products – it is possible for people to get injured by faulty products in the supermarket or products they have purchased to use at home.

Staff negligence – negligence on the part of the staff members can give rise to accidents and injuries.  for example, if staff members are negligent when pushing a stock cage, they can bump into customers and cause injuries.

Defective trolleys – unsafe supermarket trolleys are a common cause of accidents.  Accidents caused by defective trolleys can give rise to nasty injuries such as cuts and deep lacerations.

Car park accidents – accidents in the car parking area can occur due to many reasons.  They can be caused due to potholes, accumulation of water during adverse weather conditions and trip hazards left on the ground.

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