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Sports Injury Claims

Getting involved in sports is an added advantage to keeping fit and living a healthy life. There are rules to abide by within any game that you would be involved in. Thus; there are certain tackles that are accepted during sports.  At some point there are those tackles that often lead to serious injuries.

If you have been involved in a sports related accident where you can blame another person for it, you may be eligible to make a sports injury claim. This will see to it that you get compensated for the pain and suffering that you went through as a result of the accident.

Filing for personal injury compensation against another player or team would not be an automatic procedure since the degree/extent of injury would have to be considered. If evidence shows that you were involved in an accident due to an accepted tackle on you, then you would not be eligible for compensation. It is imperative to seek legal assistance so that you can determine whether you can file for a claim or not.

In instances where you were injured due to faulty tools that you were using while playing then you would have to file for compensation. If the environment that you were in was unsafe and you get injured in the process of watching a game, you can also file for a claim.

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We have helped a number of individuals who have been involved in accidents in different games that they were involved in e.g. rugby & football. In these cases, teams or players are considered to be responsible for illegal tackles that they inflict on each other.

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