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Common Building Site Accidents

The building industry is a high risk industry.  Since building site workers are surrounded by dangerous and heavy machinery, equipment, tools and building materials all the time, there are a range of hazards that they are faced with.  Here’s a look at some of the common types of building site accidents.

Falls from heights

Ladders and scaffoldings are mainly used by workers on a building site.  Since scaffoldings can be constructed at very high heights, there is always risk of falling and sustaining serious injuries.  Falls from high heights can also result in death.  Building workers can also fall from roofs and through roofs and roof lights.

Slips and trips

Holes, uneven grounds, slippery surfaces and materials and tools lying on the ground, there are many hazards workers are faced with which can lead to slips and trips.


Coming into contact with power lined, exposed wiring and even unfinished electrical systems can lead to electrocution.

Falling materials

When work is being carried out at multiple levels, it is common for debris, tools and other materials to fall and injure workers below.

Caught in between materials and objects

There are a range of heavy machinery, equipment and vehicles used on building sites.  Sometimes, workers can get stuck between the immovable objects and sustain serious injuries.

Explosions and fires

Leaking gases, incomplete electrical systems and unfinished piping can cause fires and explosions in building sites.

Machinery accidents

Since heavy machinery is used on building sites, accidents and injuries can occur if there is negligence in using them.  Lack of training, lack of personal protective gear and inadequate supervision can give rise to machinery accidents.

Making A Claim

Getting involved in an accident on a building site can result in serious injuries and even death.  Therefore, it is essential that you consider bringing a claim if you or a family member has been injured in a building site accident.

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