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Crane Accident Claims

Injured as a result of a crane accident? If yes, you may be entitled to claim compensation.  Over the past 12 years, close to 61 construction site accidents involving tower cranes have taken place.  According to the notifications received by the Health and Safety Executive over these years, there have been 9 fatalities and 25 cases of serious injuries.

Although there are stringent health and safety laws in place to prevent these kinds of accident, they still occur.  There are many causes of crane accidents.  Some of the main causes include the following:

–          Crane coming into contact with overhead power lines

–          Defects or faults with part of the crane

–          Defects with the crane itself

–          Misunderstanding in signalling

–          Loads or the crane itself coming into contact with buildings, scaffoldings and other tall structures

–          Crane collapsing

–          Human errors such as whilst assembling or disassembling the crane

–          Objects falling off the crane onto people below

Crane Accident Prevention

In order to prevent crane accidents, it is essential that employers conduct risk assessments. They must also ensure that when cranes are in use, workers and members of the public in the vicinity are safe.

Employers must ensure that crane operators have been given adequate training.  They must also be provided with adequate safety equipment.  In fact, any person who is required to work on cranes such as those whose jobs include locating loads, slinging or securing loads must be provided with proper training.

Cranes must be inspected on a regular basis.  They must be maintained in good working order.

In addition, all those who are required to work with or around the crane must be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety boots, high visibility jackets and hard hats.

Making A Claim

If your employer has failed to take measures to prevent crane accidents and if you have suffered an injury as a result, we can help you obtain financial compensation.

For legal advice, support or guidance, feel free to contact our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors.  You can talk to our solicitors by giving us a call on our free phone number or you can request a call back by completing our quick online claim form.

Remember, if you have a valid claim, we can help you recover compensation using a risk free no win no fee arrangement.  If your claim is successful, you will get to keep 100% of the compensation award.

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