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Falls From Heights Claims

Have you been injured at work as a result of falls from heights?  If the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim financial compensation.

Under the Work at Height Regulations 2005, it is the duty of your employer to provide you with safe work environment.  Your employer must plan and supervise work being carried out at height properly.  In addition, you must be provided with the necessary safety equipment and protective gear to minimise the risk of falls.  Falls from heights at work generally take place when employers do not take sufficient measures to protect your health and safety.

Remember, if they have failed in their duty of care, then it is your legal right to claim compensation.

Common Causes

There are many situations which can result in falls from heights.  Given below are some of the main causes of falls from heights at work.

Falls from ladders – there are many different industries such as the construction industry and even factories and warehouses where workers are often required to make use of ladders.  If the ladder is badly maintained or is unsuitable for the job in hand, then falls can occur.  Falls from ladders can also occur if the surface on which the ladder is resting is unstable or slippery.  Moreover, carrying tools or materials up and down, inability to use the ladder and lack of stabilisers fitted at the base of the ladder often increases the risk of falls.

Falls from machines – can occur whilst cleaning, maintaining or operating machinery. This can be quite a dangerous situation as the worker can land inside the machinery and sustain serious injuries.

Falls from vehicles – this can include falls from heavy goods vehicles and forklift trucks.

Falls from scaffolding – this can be quite dangerous due to the height at which these structures are constructed.  Scaffolding accidents can cause serious injuries such as spinal and head injury and they can also result in death.  Scaffolding accidents can occur if the structure is not erected properly or not maintained in good condition.

Falls through roofs and rooflights – roofs can be fragile and they can often collapse if they are not able to support the weight of the person standing on them.  Depending on the height of the roof, these kinds of accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

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