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Common Types Of Forklift Truck Accidents

Forklift trucks are among the most hazardous types of vehicles used in the workplace.  Forklift trucks can be found in workshops, warehouses, factories as well as in construction sites.

Thousands of people are injured every year in forklift truck accidents.  In fact, accidents involving forklift trucks are often serious and result in serious injuries.  In the UK, at least ten people are killed in such accidents every year.  What is shocking is that most of these forklift truck accidents could have been prevented.

There are many causes of forklift truck accidents and most of them are preventable.  If adequate steps and safety measures are taken at work, it is possible to protect workers from such accidents at work.

Here’s a look at some of the common types of forklift truck accidents.

  • Forklift truck toppling over because it is being used on an unsuitable surface.  For example, surface with potholes or drains.
  • Load falling off the forklift and injuring workers or passersby.
  • Forklift truck colliding with a pedestrian
  • Accidents caused when items on high level racking is pushed off the top into the gangway or the side where there are workers.
  • Forklift truck colliding with hard objects and surfaces such as equipments and lockers causing them to fall on top of workers.
  • Collisions between two vehicles.
  • Accidents caused due to forklifts being driven carelessly or at high speed.

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