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Ladder Fall Accident Claims

In the construction industry, workers are mostly required to work at height. This includes using platforms, scaffolding and ladders to reach high places. Performing tasks whilst standing on a ladder can be very risky because even a small mistake can result in serious accidents and injuries. If you have been hurt whilst using a ladder at work, you may be entitled to make ladder fall accident claims and win compensation for your injuries.

Ladder fall accidents can be caused due to numerous reasons. Some of the main ones include:

  • making use of a small ladder
  • making use of a weak ladder
  • ladder not being erected correctly or safely
  • slips accidents through the ladder rung
  • worker who is using the ladder is not adequately trained

Most ladder fall accidents occur due to the negligence of the employer to provide correct equipment to the employees to perform their tasks safely. Although employees are also responsible for their health and safety whilst at work, employers are obliged to follow health and safety regulations to ensure the safety of employees.

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