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How To Prevent Lifting Injuries

Accidents are likely to happen at work more so if you are working in a place where you have to lift objects on a regular basis. Injuries due to lifting normally happen instantly or after a period of time. Accidents in this field are normally due to strain that is exerted on the muscles as the workers try to lift objects. Other accidents include tripping and slipping while carrying the loads. Workers should be aware of their freedom to file for personal injury claims in case they are involved in accidents while working. The claim for compensation might be successful and would help them in catering for medical bills used to recover and any other kind of expenses.

Below are effective ways to prevent lifting injuries:

  • · before using your back to lift heavy luggage you should mull over the idea of seeking help from your colleagues. You could also carry the load in bits to avoid getting injured.
  • · don’t be in a rush to lift heavy goods; test them first to determine exactly how much energy you would require.
  • · if there are loading tools in your place of work, you should use them rather than using your body since chances are you could get injured if they are heavy.
  • · Try not to put strain on your back when lifting objects from the ground. It is wise to bend a little to reduce the strain.

Lifting accidents at work can cause many different types of injuries.  But it is quite sad that these accidents are very much preventable, but still little is done at the workplace to protect workers from lifting injuries.

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