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Office Accident Claims

Suffered an injury as a result of an office accident which was not your fault?  If you have sustained personal injuries due to your employers’ negligence, you may be eligible to make an office accident claim in order to seek compensation.  It is the duty of every employer to provide a safe working environment to the employees.  But, when they do not do this, they are neglecting their duty.  Therefore, if any accidents occur at the workplace due to the employer’s negligence, it is the employer who will be liable to pay for compensation.

Will I Lose My Job If I Make An Office Accident Claim?

In the UK, it is against the law to fire an employee if he makes an office accident claim against the employer.  Employers by law are supposed to be insured against compensation claims so it is the insurance company who are liable to pay compensation if claims are made.

Causes of Office Accidents

There are a number of causes of office accidents but the most common ones which generally lead to office accident claims include inadequate workstations, poor seating arrangement and faulty equipments or appliances.  A person may be eligible to make an office accident claim if he has sustained:

  • repetitive strain injury
  • injuries due to slipping, tripping and falling
  • injuries caused by electric shock
  • back injuries
  • injuries due to carbon monoxide poisoning

Claiming for Compensation

If you have been in an office accident, you should not be scared to make an office accident claim.  Every employer has insurance to cover them when compensation claims are made against the company.  It is very important that you know your claiming rights following an accident because it can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve for your injuries, suffering, lost wages and out of pocket expenses.

If you are looking to make an office accident claim, you must seek advice from an expert solicitor who can also guide you through the entire claims process.  We have expert personal injury solicitors who have helped a large number of people with their office accident claims.  Our personal injury claims solicitors work under a No Win No Fee policy which means that you are not required to pay anything to start a claim.  In fact, you will never be liable to bear any costs associated with your claim because we provide absolutely free service.

To discuss your office accident claim, you can give us a call or send in your details through our online claim form.  Your office accident claim will be assessed and handled by a penal of experienced personal injury claims solicitors.  When you choose, you can rest assured that your claim is in the right hands.  We will also ensure that you receive 100% compensation for the pain and suffering that you have gone through.

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