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Types Of RSI Claims

Repetitive strain injury mainly affects those who do tasks which are repetitive in nature.  Such injuries affect a large number of workers across numerous job sectors.

In the UK, production is lost by nearly £20 billion due to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). These are injuries that might even cause a worker to be incapacitated hence rendering him/her helpless.

Here’s a look at some of the main types of RSI.


When the bursa gets inflamed, the condition is normally referred to as bursitis. Bursa is a bag of fluid that helps joints in the body to move freely without causing friction.  This is mostly found on muscles and joints e.g. knees, ankles and shoulders.

Cubital tunnel syndrome

The Ulnar nerve is located at the edge of the elbow. When this nerve is pinched the effect is felt by the fingers. In extreme cases this might lead to cubital tunnel syndrome. This often leads to numbness, pain or even paralysis.

Dystonia (Writers Cramp)

Dystonia or Writers Cramp is a condition that affects the muscles more so due to frequent movement on joints. The name is self explanatory as it would affect writers due to movements of fingers. Other people that might be affected are office workers and musicians.

Raynaud’s Disease

When the supply of blood fails to reach certain body parts e.g. the fingers, this condition is called Raynaud’s Disease. Symptoms are fingers getting pale or blue in color. You will be feeling a lot of pain when this disease attacks you.


Repetitive Strain Injury also includes tendonitis which is a condition where the tendons in the body swell. This occurs when muscles are over worked.

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