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Common Manual Handling Accident Injuries

Manual handling is commonly carried out at work.  Sometimes, they involve specific procedures for which workers are provided with appropriate training.  Other times, it just involves lifting an object or carrying an object from one place to another.  Manual handling is carried out in almost every workplace regardless of whether it is a part of an individual’s job or not.  It is carried out on a frequent basis in some occupations, while in others, it is carried out occasionally.

Whenever manual handling tasks are carried out, it is essential that workers are provided with adequate training.  They must be provided with information on how to perform such tasks safely and where possible, they must also be provided with suitable aid and equipment to make the task easier and safer.

If measures are not implemented at work regarding manual handling, it can give rise to manual handling accidents and injuries.  Workers who perform manual handling tasks without proper training or aid and equipment are likely to suffer injuries.

Common manual handling accident injuries include:

Back injury

Back injuries are commonly sustained when improper manual handling is carried out.  Back injuries are not only painful, but they can damage an individual’s work prospects as well.  When lifting heavy objects. Workers must ensure that they maintain a good posture and keep their knees, back and hips slightly bent.  They must avoid twisting.


Although hernias can be sustained in a variety of other ways, they are a common condition which is associated with performing heavy lifting and manual handling tasks.  They occur when the muscle tissue ruptures and part of the internal system protrudes.  Pulling, pushing, lifting and carrying can all contribute to hernias and therefore it is not always easy to prove that it was sustained at work.

Arm and shoulder injuries

If there is failure to carry out safe manual handling, it is possible for workers to sustain injuries to the arms and shoulders.  For example, moving heavy equipment can cause torn tendons in the arms and shoulders.

Crush injuries

If the load is too heavy, workers can drop it on their foot and suffer crush injuries, crush injuries can be extremely painful and they can affect mobility to a great extent.  Workers may have to take considerable time off work to make recovery which can result in loss of earnings.

Making A Claim

If you have suffered an injury whilst carrying out manual handling at work and if you believe it was due to the negligence of your employer, you can start a claim.

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