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Personal Injury Claims

When filing a No Fee No Win Personal Injury Claim, you need to know some facts about the type of case that you are filing to help ensure your 100% compensation.

Here are a few facts about personal injuries and the personal injury claims that result from them…

Fact: personal injuries that can be compensated for by filing a No Fee No Win Personal Injury Claim include any of the following injuries:

  • Work-related injuries, where an accident was due to working in an unsafe work place. Your employer is responsible for ensuring safety in the workplace, and when your employer does not, you can file a No Fee No Win Personal Injury Claim that includes 100% compensation.
  • Car accident-related injuries, where you are injured in a car collision, or struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian.  The accident must be the fault of another driver, and not caused by your error in order for you to file a claim.
  • Slips, trips and falls in a public place, where your injury is caused by ill-maintained sidewalks, stairwells, or any other public infrastructure that should be maintained for safe public use.  These types of injuries may occur at the supermarket, a restaurant, or at the mall.
  • Dog or other animal bites, where you have been attacked by a dog or other pet, and the owner of the pet was aware that the pet presented a danger to others.  In this case you can file a No Fee No Win Personal Injury Claim.
  • Injuries caused by medical professionals, where your treatment went wrong because of carelessness, misdiagnosis, or plain negligence on the part of your caregiver.  In these cases, 100% compensation cannot be guaranteed.
  • Injuries sustained during the commission of a crime, whether or not the criminal is convicted.  In these cases, you may be eligible for 100% compensation by filing a No Fee No Win Personal Injury Claim.
  • Injuries caused by negligent public transport drivers or transport companies that maintain faulty equipment. For example, your bus ride ends in being thrown from your seat due to excessive braking. In cases such as these, we can help you file a claim against the transport company using a No Fee No Win Personal Injury Claim.

Fact: Filing a No Fee No Win Personal Injury Claim for any of the above injuries (and others not mentioned) will not cost you a penny.  You are compensated 100% of whatever is awarded if you win your case, and if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay any legal fees whatsoever.

Fact: is an experienced firm with a proven track record for seeing personal injury claims to fruition.  Our experienced staff and solicitors are standing by and ready to help you with your personal injury claim.

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