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Common Causes Of Loss Of Sight

The gift of sight allows us to a number of things everyday.  It allows us to see the beauty of the world and enjoy simple pleasures.  Without eyesight, life can become very difficult and many people take their sight for granted paying very little care and attention to their eyes. They don’t realise just how easy it is to suffer an eye injury which can result in loss of sight.

Loss of sight can be suffered in a variety of ways.  Here’s a look at some of the common causes of loss of sight.

Criminal assaults – Criminal attacks and assaults can result in partial or complete blindness.  If a person is struck on the head or face by someone or an object, it can result in injuries to the eyes.

Bright lights – damage to the eyes can also be caused by bright lights.  Welders are people who are at an increased risk of sustaining eye damage due to bright lights.  Therefore, it is essential that they make use of safety wear when they are performing their tasks. Laser lights, searchlights and explosions can also result in eye injuries.

Chemicals – burn injuries and loss of sight can be suffered if hazardous chemicals come into contact with the eyes.  This can be due to spillages and splashes.  If your work requires you to handle chemicals, it is essential that you are provided adequate training and the right safety equipment.

Electric shocks – electric shocks can result in blindness.  Such injuries can be sustained at work, whilst on holiday, at a public place and even at home due to a faulty electrical appliance.

Grit and particles – if particles, grit and other substances get into the eyes, they can cause damage to the eyeball.  This can result in partial or complete blindness.

Head trauma – any kind of impact to the head can lead to loss of sight. This can occur due to car accidents, workplace accidents, falls from heights and slips and trips.

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