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Oscar winner has accident at work

The Oscar winning actress, Cate Blanchett, has had an accident at work. The 40 year old actress was working on a theatre production of A Streetcar Named Desire at the time of the accident, where she suffered a minor head injury.

The accident happened whilst Cate was performing a fight scene on stage with her co-star Joel Edgerton. In the scene Joel had to throw a radio during the fight. Unfortunately the radio slipped out of his hand as he attempted to throw the radio, and it struck Cate Blanchett on the head.

According to a member of the audience, Cate had blood running down the back of her head and neck. She did bravely attempt to continue acting throughout the scene, until the decision was made to turn on the theatre lights and shut down the play to assess the injury she had sustained.

Luckily the head injury turned out to be fairly minor, and therefore Cate was fine to continue with the theatre production in the following night performance.

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