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Common Causes Of Brain Injury

Have you suffered brain injury in an accident that was not your fault? If yes, you may be able to make a brain injury claim.  The effects of any kind of injury to the brain can have devastating consequences.  It can lead to paralysis, disabilities and even death.  Therefore, it is essential that you seek specialist advice if you have suffered a brain injury which you believe was not your fault.

In the UK, thousands of people sustain brain injury every year.  The effects of the injury in most cases range from a mild concussion to a skull fracture.  However, in the most serious cases, it results in permanent disabilities and even death.  The effects of a serious brain injury can last a life time, however, the cause of the injury can occur within a matter of seconds.  There are numerous causes of brain injury.  Here are some of the main causes which can give rise to compensation claims.

Fall from heights

Falls from heights can result in a variety of injuries with head and brain injuries being among the most common.  Falls from heights can occur under numerous circumstances.  They can occur as a result of workplace accidents such as falls from ladders, scaffolding and raised platforms.  They can also occur as a result of falls from roofs and through roof lights.

Road accidents

Another common cause of brain injury is road traffic accidents.  Whether it is a car accident, motorbike accident, cycling accident or pedestrian accident, people are at a risk of sustaining injury to the head and the brain.

Hit by an object

Being struck by an object on the head can cause traumatic brain injury.  This kind of accident can take place at work, especially in construction sites and building sites.  They can also take place in factories, warehouses and mining industries.  Falling objects can also cause head and brain injuries to customers in supermarkets and shops as well.

Criminal assaults

Violent attacks and assaults usually result in serious injuries to the victims including brain injuries.

Injuries to the brain can pose dramatic consequences for the victim’s life.  Expensive medical bills, excessive stress, loss of earnings are just few examples of the consequences.

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