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Groin Injury Claims

Groin injuries can happen when the muscles in the groin area are overstretched resulting in tears in the muscles.  When this happens, it can affect mobility and it can be extremely painful.  In addition, it can also affect the victim’s ability to carry out normal day to day tasks.

Groin injury occurs when excessive pressure or strain is put on the groin area through intense physical activity.  It can be caused as a result of performing heavy lifting tasks.  It can also occur as a result of slips and trips and sporting activities.  Groin injury also includes certain types of hernias.

If you have sustained groin injury lately, you must consider seeking legal advice.  This is because if the injury occurred due to the negligent act of wrong doing of another person, you may be able to bring a groin injury claim.

Making A Claim

In order to put up a successful groin injury claim, it is essential to prove that someone who owed a duty of care towards you was negligent.  You must be able to prove that you sustained an injury as a result of their negligence.

To do this, you will need to obtain as much evidence as possible.  Medical evidence is crucial when making personal injury claims and you should have visited a G.P or a hospital and obtained your medical reports following your injury.

If the accident occurred at work or at a public place, you must also try to collect details of witnesses.  Witnesses can provide their accounts of the accident and this can help you prove liability.

Lastly, you must consider seeking expert legal advice.  Not all solicitors have the same level of experience and not every solicitor will be able to help you secure the maximum compensation.  Therefore, you must choose a solicitor or a firm that has vast experience in handling similar cases.

We Can Help You

Why suffer in silence when you can claim back the expenses you have suffered as a result of your groin injury? has experienced solicitors who can help you recover every penny that you have spent on your treatment.  In addition, we will also help you recover compensation for your pain and suffering and loss of earnings.

So if you have a groin injury claim, contact us today and we will provide free injury claim advice.  You can give us a call on our free phone number or request a call back by filling in our quick claims form.

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