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Toe Injury Claims

Have you suffered a toe injury due to no fault?  If you have, you may be entitled to make toe injury claims.  Although toe injuries may seem small and insignificant, they can have a long term effect on the victim’s health and body and also affect the overall balance of the body.

So if you were unlucky enough to get involved in an accident that was caused by another person and sustain a toe injury, you must consider obtaining compensation.

Common Toe Injuries

Toe injuries commonly occur as a result of work accidents or sports accidents.  People who work in warehouses, factories and offices are at a greater risk of sustaining toe injuries.  These groups of people are often required to perform heavy lifting tasks and when heavy objects fall on the feet, they cause severe toe injuries.  Playing sports without proper footwear can also result in foot injuries.

Toe injuries can also be caused as a result of slipping or tripping on the street or public pavement.  Local councils and highway authorities have a legal duty to keep roads, streets and pavements in good condition.  They must ensure that defects are repaired and debris are cleared to prevent accidents.  If you slip or trip whilst walking on the road or pavement and if the accident occurs due to defects or debris on the roads or pavement, you may be able to make a claim against the local council.

Some of the common types of toe injuries include:

  • Cuts and bruises
  • Fractures
  • Scratches
  • Abrasions and scrapes
  • Jammed toe
  • Crushed toe
  • Torn nail
  • Subungual Haematoma

We Can Help You

Making a toe injury claim with solicitors is quick, simple and cost free.  If you have a viable claim, you don’t have to pay us a single penny to represent your claim.  We will take care of your claim from the beginning to the end on a genuine no win no fee basis.

We will also provide legal advice free of cost.  Our initial consultation also comes without any cost.

So why not call us on our free phone number and talk to an experienced member of our team.

You can also request a call back by filling in our quick online claim form.

Remember, if you win your claim, we will ensure that you get 100% of the compensation award.  We will make no deductions from the award you receive.


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