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Whiplash Claims

Involved in an accident and sustained whiplash injuries?  If you are thinking of making whiplash claims, we have a team of highly experienced personal injury solicitors who can help you with your whiplash claim.  We have helped thousands of people in the UK get maximum compensation for their whiplash claims and we are ready to provide you with all the legal advice and help that you would need to win your claim.

If you are thinking of making whiplash claims, all you need to do is contact us by phone or fill out our online claim form.

Causes of Whiplash

Common whiplash claims are made for neck injuries which a victim sustains in a road accident.  Although the seat belt may protect your body from severe injuries, your head is not at all protected.  Whiplash injuries are sustained due to the sudden movement of the head and the neck in a forward and backward direction when a vehicle gets hit by another.  Since whiplash injuries can be really painful, cause a lot of discomfort and affect a person’s ability to carry out his daily activities like before, any person sustaining such an injury may seek compensation through whiplash claims.

Whiplash injuries often occur following rear end car collisions.  Whiplash injuries can also occur even if the speed of the impact is low.

No Win No Fee Whiplash Claims

We have helped thousands of people win their whiplash compensation claims because we have a team of highly qualified and experienced personal injury solicitors who know exactly how to deal with these kinds of cases.  We offer free consultation to our clients with no obligation to pursue a claim.  Our friendly whiplash claims solicitors will provide you with all the legal advice needed to help you start a claim.

If you have sustained whiplash injuries due to no fault of your own, you also don’t have to pay anything to get your claim processed.  Our team of experienced personal injury solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis where you will not be liable to pay for any processing fee or legal fee associated with your case.  If we win a case for you, you keep 100% compensation and if we lose your case, still there will be no fees involved.

To make your whiplash claims successful and to get the maximum compensation out of your whiplash claims, give us a call or fill out our online claims form and we will get back to you at a time convenient to you.

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