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Wrist Injury Claims

Have you suffered a wrist injury in an accident that was caused by another person?  If you have, you may be entitled to make wrist injury claims.

The wrist is a complex part of the hand which is made of nerves, tendons, blood vessels, ligaments and many different bones, all of which can be affected when wrist injuries take place.

Examples of Compensation Awards

Severe wrist injuries which results in total loss of function can attract an award up to £39,000.

Less serious injuries which results in permanent pain and stiffness can attract an award in the region of £16,000 to £39,000.

Colles’ fractures and other types of uncomplicated wrist fractures can attract compensation award up to £4,500.

Minor injuries to the wrist can fetch up to £3,000.

Common Causes

Wrist Injuries can be caused under numerous circumstances.  However, some of the main causes of wrist injuries which can give rise to compensation claims include the following:

Road accidents – broken wrists can be caused in car accidents, motorbike accidents, cycling accidents and accidents involving pedestrians.

Manual handling – manual handling and heavy lifting tasks being carried out in workplaces often cause injuries to the hand, including wrist injuries. Workers who perform repetitive tasks are at a greater risk of developing repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome which can affect various parts of the wrist.

Slips and trips – when trying to break the fall with the hand, people often suffer significant injuries to the wrist. If the accident takes place in a public place or at work, then you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.  For example, if you slip at work, you can make a claim against your employer.  Similarly, if you trip on a public pavement, you may be entitled to make a claim against the local council.

Sports accidents – wrist injuries are also common when sporting accidents take place.

Falls from height – those who work at height such as on scaffoldings suffer significant injuries including significant wrist injuries when they fall. In such cases, a claim for compensation can be made against the employer.

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