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Slipped on Oil at Work

If you have slipped on oil at work, and as a result of this slip have suffered physical injuries, you could be entitled to make an accident claim. Slipping on oil can be very dangerous, and often results in neck and back injuries caused by the very sudden movement. Slips on oil at work are naturally more likely to occur in working environments such as factories, construction sites, warehouses and other workplaces where transport and machinery is used.

Case Study – Slipped on Oil at Work

Mr D works in an MOT test center as a receptionist. One of his duties involves taking deliveries from the reception area through to the workshop where the MOT’s are carried out. This area is often untidy and requires him to weave in and out of various tools, drums and containers. As he was walking through with a delivery, he slipped on oil causing him to fall heavily onto his back. The puddle of oil had been caused earlier that day, but had not been cleaned up.

Due to the accident, Mr D had to be taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with severe bruising to his back and concussion from banging his head on the concrete floor. The back injury made it extremely difficult for Mr D to walk and carry out his daily routines for several weeks, consequently requiring him to have 5 weeks off work. During this time Mr D underwent an extensive course of physiotherapy, which containing for several months.

Following the accident, Mr D contacted an injury lawyer who made a successful personal injury claim against against his employer. The compensation awarded helped to pay for additional physiotherapy sessions required and also made up for his loss of earning whilst being unable to work due to his injury.

The company Mr D worked for made several procedural changes to try to prevent similar accidents happening again in the future. This included implementing regular health and safety training and site checks, ensuring spill kits were available and used whenever oil or other liquids had been spilled, and enabling deliveries to be made directly into the workshop, so office staff no longer have to walk through this area.

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